Why ForestWatch?

Watch our sizzle reel to find out how ForestWatch is used around the globe to:

Protect people

Defend property, and

Preserve resources

Wildfires wreak havoc across the globe

Wildfires have caused extensive damage worldwide. They often lead to the loss of massive amounts of property and equipment not to mention the loss of life.

California, USA


15 killed, 2,200+ homes destroyed, 280,000 acres burned

The Peloponnese, Greece


84 killed, 1,000 homes destroyed, 670,000 acres burned

Victoria, Australia


173 killed, 2,000+ homes destroyed, 1,100,000 acres burned

Never before has it been more evident how vital early detection and rapid, informed decision making is to saving lives, property and resources when fires flare up and rage out of control.

ForestWatch® – developed by South Africa-based technology firm, Envirovision Solutions – is one of the most advanced automated forest fire detection systems in the world.

Combining programmable high-definition cameras and image processing software, the computerised ForestWatch® system uses a mathematical algorithm to analyse imagery of the landscape, automatically detecting changes that may be the first whiffs of smoke. When the system identifies a smoke, it alerts the human operator at a control centre. The operator can then use various system tools to more closely examine the problem area, and rapidly dispatch a response if necessary.

The award-winning ForestWatch® is a powerful decision support tool and early warning system that has been used with great success by governments and forestry industries around the world since the 1990s – protecting your greatest assets in a cost-effective and resource-conscious manner. 


ForestWatch Mobile

ForestWatch® Mobile – The perfect companion for foresters and anyone interested in keeping track of fires and alarms logged in a ForestWatch system.