"We implemented ForestWatch as part of our forest fire detection program for the 2007 fire season. We feel that the detection program not only complements the Douglas Forest Protective Association detection program, but adds vital elements that were lacking in both detection and response… ForestWatch has proven to be fast, accurate and a vital detection tool for DFPA and surrounding districts.“
Melvin Thornton - District Manager, Douglas Forest Protective Association

The Butte County (CA) Fire Department is happy to have ForestWatch looking over and helping to protect our communities and resources from wildfire. ForestWatch provides 24/7/365 coverage throughout the eastern foothills and mountains of Butte County utilizing four cameras. The cameras provided early detection and provide Chief Officers with intelligence through remote monitoring. The early detection paid off during the summer of 2015 when the cameras combined to provide five first reports of fires in Butte and neighboring Plumas Co., and equally important the web based monitoring system enabled Chief Officers the ability to log on remotely and view near real time video of developing fires and make key strategic decision early on. The cameras have also enable the dispatch center to validate vague reports of smoke by monitoring the cameras. The benefits to the cameras are numerous, but include reducing the number of false calls, timely dispatch of fires detected by the camera system and intelligence gathering which has enable timely and appropriate decision making and resource allocation."
David Hawks - Division Chief, Cal Fire/Butte County/Paradise Fire Rescue North Division Operations

"The ForestWatch Wildfire Detection and Monitoring System has been a very beneficial addition to the Southwest Oregon District of the Oregon Department of Forestry. Efficiencies have been gained through early detection and the ability to increase or decrease our initial attack response based on real time visual data. We have realized savings in cost and liabilities versus construction and staffing of a manned lookout tower."

Matt Fumasi - Wildland Fire Supervisor, Oregon Department of Forestry