Our People

With its team of highly qualified developers, business partners and support personnel, together with its focus on customer support and delivery, EVS is well suited to aiding clients in taking advantage of the exciting opportunities presented by modern vision systems.

EVS Head Office (Durban, South Africa)

Gavin Hough Director: Management, Development and Sales

Vision systems are an exciting new technology lying at the convergence of smart image processing algorithms (adding value to imagery) and visualization tools which enhance human perception to improve the situational awareness of those using EnviroVision systems developed to provide solutions for:

  • Wildfire and shack fire detection
  • Shark tracking
  • Ship motion monitoring
  • Wave monitoring
  • Dust and plume tracking
  • Marine outfall monitoring

Lancaster University, UK & South African Space Agency

Mike Kosch Director: Vision Systems – smart sensor specialist

Multi-spectral imaging and space-time based “keogram” imaging techniques deployed for auroral imaging at low light level in both the Arctic and Antarctic have proved useful in both detecting smoke and fire events as well as for visualizing complex dynamics in a unique and appealing way.

EVS-run Operations Centres (Mpumalanga, South Africa)

Adrian Daniel General Manager: Operations – ForestWatch Imaging and Communications

The world’s largest network of wildfire detection cameras (by number of towers) spanning an area the size of the Kruger National Park is managed from detection centres in Sabie, Nelspruit, Warburton in the Highveld and Usutu in Swaziland, which deliver fire detection images and maps to the Lowveld and Escarpment FPAs in Nelspruit, Camelot, Warburton and Usutu.

DEV Team installing ForestWatch Oregon