The EVS Difference

Envirovision Solutions’ intelligent sensory systems, including our award-winning ForestWatch®, represent the pinnacle of environmental monitoring, analysis and asset protection through the use of innovative science. While an increasing number of companies may claim to offer similar computerised systems with automated detection functionality, the EVS difference is clear

EVS’s systems are NOT CCTV (closed circuit television)

Our products are not “dumb” manual systems entirely dependent on human operators to monitor events using poor quality video footage. We use programmable cameras with a powerful optical zoom, which capture and store high definition digital images. Our systems also feature advanced, intelligent software and sensors which automatically detect scene changes, and promptly alert operators to the fact.

Our systems feature integrated geo-referencing

The best early detection in the world means nothing if you can’t follow it up with a rapid, informed response. This requires knowledge of the exact location of the incident. EVS systems can be integrated with maps and other GIS (geographical information system) layers specific to your area, which contain such vital information as distances, elevations, water sources and property borders. With EVS’s range-aware systems, where you click on the view screen produces instant accurate coordinates, pinpointing exactly where that location is in reality. And with exact information, resources can be dispatched more efficiently and cost-effectively.

We’ve harnessed the benefits of embedded intelligence

It is bandwidth intensive to stream video over great distances from cameras to operations centres where computers then analyse the imagery. This method of relaying information can result in congestion and potentially catastrophic delays. EVS has overcome this problem by “embedding” the system’s intelligence at the site of the camera. An ISE (Image Sampling Engine) connected to the camera optimises the footage on-site, before transferring imagery to the operations centre. This method of relaying information combats transmission delays, reduces bandwidth needs and consumes much less power.

We offer tailor-made solutions

EVS doesn’t offer one single “off the shelf” product. We work in close consultation with our clients, adapting our already flexible, highly customisable systems to your specific needs and budget. Typically our solutions incorporate your existing hardware and infrastructure to minimise outlay and costs.

We use non-proprietary hardware

Although specially engineered products are available, we always present our clients with a “shopping list” of industrial strength cameras and other hardware components that are rugged, field-tested and readily available. This keeps costs down and longevity levels up!

We offer night time detection

EVS’s smart sensory systems remain fully functional even after dark, offering our clients 24/7 protection of your assets. This is thanks to our use of infrared imaging. Our systems also include a Night Mode, with the ability to lay a daytime image over night visuals, providing extra context for operators should they need it.

We use colour detection

While some automated detection systems use only black and white footage, EVS systems use the full visible colour spectrum. By using full colour our systems are more sensitive to subtle changes in the scene they are monitoring. As a result they have a higher rate of accurate detection and a lower rate of false alarms.

We offer night time detection

EVS sensory systems are about more than simply detecting events as they happen. They also have a powerful record-keeping function, in that they archive footage of incidents from start to finish. This makes them ideal for after-the-fact evaluation, and they provide excellent visual evidence in the case of lawsuits and insurance claims.

We’ve consistently outperformed the competition

In independent trials in Canada in 2004 and 2009, EVS’s flagship product ForestWatch® scored much higher in terms of accurate event detection, system functionality and ease of use when compared to rival products from other companies.

Excellent after-sales support and fully warrantied systems

No matter what sales agreement you choose, you can be assured that after installation, system calibration and extensive training in system use, you will also always have remote support from the EVS. This support takes the form of our online support forum, with password protected access for clients only. You can also be confident that your system – from our set-up work to the cameras and other hardware components – is fully covered by a range of warranties.

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