What we do for you

Envirovision Solutions does not simply develop and supply the finest intelligent vision systems in the world. We believe that the best way to enhance our clients' efficiency and productivity is by complementing the strengths of our computerised systems with the hands-on involvement of our experienced staff.

EVS is a small to medium sized company, which puts us in an ideal situation to offer you personalised service at all times. Our clients have easy access to our team of developers and senior decision makers, making the customising of our products for your individual needs so much easier and more effective.

EVS offers our clients 3 different agreements related to our systems:

1. Sales agreement

Standard agreement that sees the system supplied and installed by EVS. Includes comprehensive training in system use.

2. Support agreement

An additional, optional contract where EVS clients receive continued remote support after installation and training. Our Support Centre is operational 24/7, 365 days a year, and manned by our team of dedicated support specialists.

3. SLA (Service Level Agreement)

An all-inclusive contract that sees EVS supply, install, maintain and operate the system on our client’s behalf. Several of our oldest clients in South Africa have entered into this contractual relationship with EVS, but we are also capable of implementing it in any country worldwide.

Whatever agreement you choose, EVS support for your installation includes:

  • A complete initial analysis conducted in close consultation with you. This assessment will determine your needs, risk factors, required system customisations, the number of cameras needed, their optimal positioning, etc.
  • Installation and set-up of your smart sensory system

Please contact EVS to learn more about our different service and support offerings.