Envirovision Solutions is a rapidly expanding organisation always on the lookout for passionate, performance-driven individuals to join our team – in South Africa and abroad. 

Uplifting employees, advancing professions

Based in South Africa, EVS cares about improving the skills and education of previously disadvantaged local peoples, especially individuals already part of the EVS team. Our company is currently spearheading the formation of a professional body for operators who work with intelligent machine vision systems like EVS’s ForestWatch®. This is a move that will benefit both our technical staff and our clients! EVS is looking for a key training person who will visit the Detection Centers in the Cape, KZN and Mpumalanga. The Skills Matrix extends from the smart sensor and imaging layer in the field [including radar, weather stations, visible, near IR and thermal IR cameras] to the communication layer [including LTE, microwave and fibre networks] and the vision systems layers which is made up of both machine vision components for automatic detection and visualization components for better situational awareness.

The Professional Operators’ Association will differentiate operators of intelligent vision systems from the likes of CCTV observers – by highlighting the greater level of technical competence their job requires. This will in turn open a door to further skills development and career progression for operators, especially if EVS is successful in having operators’ work classified as an essential service with SETA.

With SETA approval, more funding will be available for operator training, allowing people to advance through different levels of competence within the profession, and improve their earnings. At the same time EVS clients will enjoy the knowledge that they’re working with qualified operators who have completed recognised, uniform and nationally certified training – and who are subject to the rules that apply to all emergency service employees.