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At Envirovision Solutions we thrive on problem solving and developing innovative solutions to help you better protect your assets and better manage your environment. That’s why along with our 4 main products, the award-winning, and highly customisable ForestWatch®, CityWatch, HarbourWatch and SiteWatch, we also perform custom development on a per-project basis.

EVS’s groundbreaking vision systems combine programmable cameras, computers and some of the most advanced image processing software in the world, and this powerful combination of components is put to work meeting our clients’ specific requirements – whether it be surveillance, analysis or optimised decision support in the day-to-day running of your business.

EVS has worked on a contractual basis, developing intelligent custom solutions for the likes of Toyota, Anglo-American, the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research), and chemicals group AECI.

Notable custom projects by EnviroVision Solutions


NICE Security Systems collaboration

Working with FAST Systems (now part of NICE), EVS developed a set of tools for distribution on a market leading digital encoder system. These tools included Video Input Protection, software that automatically detects tampering with a security camera, and Advanced Video Motion Detection, which learns to filter out background movement and noise, for more accurate motion detection


An automated surveillance system operational 24/7 to monitor activities along a country’s borders, e.g. illegal migrant crossings and smuggling. Can be integrated with an emergency communication system to alert authorities to incidents at the click of a button. Archives imagery for later use during police investigations and in court.



A surveillance solution for residential use. Uses high definition full-colour video footage and night time capabilities for enhanced detection. This intelligent automated system has been designed to filter out the large amount of background movement common to residential properties, which has previously made automated surveillance so unreliable in these settings.

Sugar industry equipment calibration

The South African sugar milling industry uses a simplified vision system to analyse the size of sugar crystals. A camera on the end of a microscope captures images which are analysed by a computer. The results are used to calibrate the manufacturing equipment – cost-effectively optimising the facility’s output.


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