Why SiteWatch?

Asset-saving surveillance for industrial settings

SiteWatch is one of the most recent additions to the Envirovision Solutions portfolio of groundbreaking vision systems. With surveillance capabilities far beyond that of closed-circuit television (CCTV), SiteWatch is a smart sensory system designed for use in busy industrial settings – including mining compounds, factories and construction sites.

How it works

SiteWatch is not “dumb” CCTV, using low resolution, black and white video footage, and requiring constant manual surveillance by a human operator. SiteWatch is a highly advanced automated detection system, using programmable cameras, high definition colour footage, computers and the latest in innovative image processing software.

Cameras are set up to automatically scan across your environment, capturing a series of images which are then relayed to a computer in a control centre. Here the SiteWatch software compares the sets of images for scene changes, and alerts a human operator if it detects any problem areas. The operator can then use a live video feed with powerful 35X optical zoom, as well as pan, tilt and zoom controls to more closely examine the situation, and request a security response if necessary.

Along with a security function, SiteWatch can also be combined with other sensors and tools to monitor a site’s emissions and general resource use. In this way, SiteWatch can help organisations develop “greener” operating practices.


Dramatically increases surveillance capabilities

One operator can monitor up to 8 cameras strategically set up around your facility for optimal coverage.

Night detection enabled

With infrared for 24/7 surveillance capabilities.

Keeps managers in the know

System can be integrated with communications networks so that senior decision makers can monitor camera feeds through a password protected Internet application, and receive incident alerts via email and/or phone.

Archiving function

Useful for insurance claims, investigations and court cases.

Redundancies in place

To always keep system operational, in case of power cuts, etc.

Highly customisable system

Accommodates your budget and need

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