The Battery Backup Solution

Are you fed up with load shedding?

Are your staff losing productivity during load shedding/power failures?

Do you require a simple solution to keep a computer and internet connection operating during load shedding?

The Meerkat is for you

The Meerkat Battery Backup Solution is battery/power supply solution intended to power a single mini computing workstation or laptop with 2 monitors and an ADSL/LTE/Fibre modem during normal usage and load shedding/power failures.

The Meerkat can be used permanently in place of the DC power supplies that are typically supplied with mini-computers, monitors and modems and replaces standard UPSs, such that in the event of loss of mains power there is no disruption to the user and the equipment continues to work with no work loss or down time with the user having to change power inputs and waiting for the computer to restart and modem to boot.



Up to 4 hours backup power with a typical load (1 mini-computer, 2 monitors and 1 modem).

It is a cost effective backup solution during load shedding keeping staff productive in the work place or at home. 

Never worry about load shedding affecting staff productivity at home - let staff work remotely.

Internal fuse to protect against short circuit.

No switch over time in the event of loss of mains power or restoration of mains.

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