Why ForestWatch®?

EnviroVision Solutions’ ForestWatch® isn’t the only computerised fire detection and decision support system available. However, it is one of the tried-and-tested best – having been used for over a decade as a cost-effective solution by forestry companies and governments around the globe to protect their assets, and more efficiently use their resources to combat fires.

Here are 10 good reasons why you should use ForestWatch®


ForestWatch® is a range-aware vision system, that uses maps and other GIS (Geographical Information System) layers specific to your area (e.g. elevations, property borders). This means that when an operator clicks on an event on the screen, co-ordinates are immediately generated for that exact location in reality. With immediate accurate information, resources – such as fire fighting aircraft – can be dispatched quickly and efficiently.


While some automated detection systems use only black and white imagery, ForestWatch® uses the full colour spectrum. Full colour makes the system more sensitive to subtle scene changes, resulting in more accurate detection and a lower rate of false alarms.


ForestWatch® has the ability to integrate with the existing communications infrastructure in your area. This allows for the creation of a link to fire departments and the police, allowing for the sharing of information and an improved coordinated response during emergencies. Communications integration can also be used to immediately alert decision makers to an event, and allow them to monitor it in real-time via the password protected ForestWatch Online web application.


In ideal conditions, ForestWatch® can detect events over distances of up to 40km. However, the greater the range, the longer the cameras take to automatically scan and analyse the landscape. Although there are ways to combat this slower lap time, our recommended optimal surveillance distance is therefore 8-16km per tower.


ForestWatch® is not dumb closed circuit television (CCTV) using poor quality video footage. Working with powerful cameras, high definition digital imagery and other advanced sensors, ForestWatch® has been programmed in such a way that it actually learns its environment over time so that it can distinguish between smoke and other harmless occurrences (e.g. vehicle lights). This drastically reduces false alarms.


By using software to process images right at the camera site – “embedding” the system intelligence – instead of constantly relaying video and imagery back to the operations centre for optimisation and analysis, the ForestWatch® system uses less bandwidth. This method of relaying information avoids transmission delays when you can least afford them, and consumes less power.


Although specially engineered products can be used, we present our clients with a “shopping list” of readily available, rugged cameras and other hardware components that have already proved their robustness in the field. Learn more about our hardware here.


ForestWatch® does not exist as a standard “off the shelf” product. We work in close consultation with our clients, adapting our highly customisable system to your specific requirements. Typically our solutions incorporate existing towers and high sites, as well as your current hardware and infrastructure, to minimise outlay and costs.


In independent trials in Canada in 2004 and 2009, ForestWatch® scored much higher in terms of accurate event detection, system functionality, ease of use and cost-effectiveness when compared to rival products. Our other demo systems around the world have continually impressed, and you can read more about our clients’ experiences with us here.


No matter what sales agreement you choose, you can be assured that after installation, system calibration and extensive training in system use, you will also always have remote support from the EVS. We value your feedback as well because it helps us to continually improve ForestWatch® and its functionality for you and all our clients. You can also be confident that your system is fully covered by a range of warrantees.

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