ForestWatch Launches Remote Monitoring Subscription; Announces Milestone in Canada

Remote Monitoring now offered by EnviroVision Solutions

EnviroVision USA has announced the addition of remote detection monitoring for EVS
customers who operate the ForestWatch® Wildfire Detection and Monitoring System.
ForestWatch® software alerts detection operators to the potential presence of a fire, precisely
maps the location, provides images with accurate latitude and longitude and sends the
information to dispatch centers and responders.
In the past, agencies that have deployed the ForestWatch® system have had to supply their own
operators. Now, those same organizations can rely on EVS USA to monitor the system for them.
EVS USA President George Day says, “Remote monitoring is valuable to those companies who
don’t have the staff do it themselves. EVS USA will watch their cameras for them until they
grow into their systems.”
EnviroVision USA has more good news. EVS recently completed a ForestWatch® integration
with the Saskatchewan Wildfire Management Branch’s Wildfire Integrated Information Network
(WIIN) hosted by Selkirk. WIIN is the web-based information and dispatch system used across
Saskatchewan in the management of wildfire.
WIIN integrates real-time tracking of aircraft, active and historic wildfire information, resource
requests and allocation, and smoke reports from all sources on a multi-layered geographic
display. Previously ForestWatch® operators were required to manually enter smoke report
information produced by ForestWatch®, into WIIN. The new integration allows the direct export
of detailed geo-referenced smoke reports into WIIN, ensuring data accuracy and a faster process.
The result is increased effectiveness and efficiency.
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